All the categories listed below are included in the mall. Fill in the amount you spend yearly in the categories below and be amazed at the savings!
Enter the Amount you would spend yearly to determine your savings!
• Fill in as many categories below as you use.
• Use only whole dollar amounts (example: 800, 579, etc.)
← spent on Restaurants

← spent on Health & Beauty Supplies

← spent on Pet Supplies

← spent on Toys & Children

← spent on Automotive Supplies

← spent on Books, Music, & Movies

← spent on Computers & Electronics

← spent on Flowers & Gifts

← spent on Home & Garden items

← spent on Jewelry & Fragrance items

← spent on Office Supplies

← spent on Sports & Outdoor Equipment

← spent on Clothing

← spent on Groceries (coupon savings)

← spent on Movies & Entertainment

← spent on Travel, Hotels, Car Rental

Savings based on an average of 5% rebates